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Choir prodigy is your coach, accompanist, assistant and repertoire—all in one. And Choir Prodigy is free. No strings attached, no ads, no push notifications – just free.

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Only Choir Prodigy has the ability to teach you and coach you instantly. It’s the only system that can actually hear your pitch, knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone, and coaches you —instantly. Choir Prodigy gives you as much or as little help as you want.

HEAR your line of music—alone or with harmonies
SEE your line of music—alone or with harmonies
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Timeless masterpieces at your fingers.

Choir Prodigy membership includes a library of thousands of choral masterpieces, solos, arias, carols, hymns, in a searchable library growing everyday. Each musical work is split into its parts and shows you how to sing, or simply accompanies you as you wish. You can read the music in a single line or see your part on a piano style grand-staff. As a member of Choir Prodigy you can use as many pieces as you wish, as much as you want.

Our library includes
  • Ave verum corpus by Mozart
  • A cappella pieces by Palestrina, Victoria and Byrd, like Sicut cervus and O magnum mysterium
  • Christmas carols in 4 part harmony
  • choruses from Handel’s Messiah
  • Ave Maria by Franz Shubert and Ave Maria by Gounod
  • Songs and Liebeslieder waltzes by Johannes Brahms
  • Bach’s Magnificat and B minor Mass, as well as chorales and motets
  • Great works like Mozart Requiem, Brahms Requiem, Vivaldi Gloria, Haydn Nelson Mass
  • Plus vocal warm-ups guaranteed to improve your tone and build your power—free forever